Ayurveda Tips

Home Remedy for Flu Cold and Fever:

Haridra (Haldi) (Turmeric)                     1/2 tsf
Sunthi (Dry Ginger Powder)                  1/4 tsf
Ajwain                                                    2 piches
Honey or Mishri or Gud                         According to taste
Ghee                                                     1/2 tsf
Water                                                    1 1/2 cup

Procedure: Put turmeric (Haridra), Sunthi (Dry Ginger Powder) and Ajwain in 11/2 cup of water and boil it on simmer, keep boiling it until water reduce to 1 cup. As soon as you turn the heater off, add honey and ghee in it and drink it as soup or a tea.

You will feel the relief in cold, throat irritation and flu.

Weight Loss Soup:

Mung Dal                    1/2 Cup
Cumin                         1/4 tsf
Hing                            1-2 pinches
Ginger powder            2-3 Pinches
Black Pepper              1/3 tsf
Black Salt                   1/4 tsf
Turmeric                     1 tsf
Lemon                        1 lemon equivalent to 5-7 ml juice                      
Green Dhania            1 table spoon.
Oil / Ghee                   1/2 tsf

Procedure: Boil the 1/2 cup mung dal and keep it separate. Now in a fry Pan take the ghee and add cumin and hing in it and fry it to the point cumin gets brownish then add the boiled dal, ginger powder, black pepper, black salt, turmeric and 3 cup of water. Keep boiling it to make its soup and then in the end add lemon juice and green dhania.

Enjoy this soup which will make you feel light, improve the digestion, reduces fat and improves the metabolism.

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